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I have used 22bet for 6 month and its…

I have used 22bet for 6 month and its up and down.
Right now its pretty bad.. Mastercard and visa dosent work and they want tell why.
Big problem to withdrawl money at the moment.

At the plus side, you can bet att any sport in the world at 22bet.


DO NOT DEPOSIT. They will keep your money and require many documents with no clarification. Very unprofessional costumer service.

They’re a bunch of BS scammers

They’re a bunch of BS scammers. You can join and they’ll take your money with ease, but don’t dare try to win because they’ll block you and not let you withdraw. All the 5 stars are from fake customers. This was the only website I could join because of restrictions in my country and I regret joining it. Save your money or find another website please!

1.Worst customer support

1.Worst customer support
2.money transfrd successfuly attached screenshot and all but even after 10 hours no rply on mail or phone
3.Their team is working on it this is what I got in rply aftr evry 50 messages I dnt dem
4.keep.the money don’t wrrry I wnt ask u again and shame on you guys
Don’t get stuck with them

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    hi guys

    hi guys! who have withdraw problem please contact new telegram chanal @livebidsuport . thanks for your support.

    They are trust worthy til now.

    They are trust worthy til now.

    I even won 20’000 and after few emails I was able to withdraw it.

    I have to tell you, to use Skrill.
    In few minutes u receive your money on skrill and from skrill u can trade to your bank account.

    It wasnt possible to withdraw directly to my bank account and it wasn’t possible to withdraw to my visa card.
    So I had to open SKRILL account.

    But so far it works great.

    Zaloguj się na swoim Koncie Gracza i k liknij przycisk Depozyt .

    Same company as 1xBet. Scam

    Same company as 1xBet.
    I was scammed out of €3000 euros.

    This company is run by criminals.

    22bet SCAM

    I’d like to talk to you about my awful experience with 22 bet and the nightmare I’m in right now.

    So, a few days ago I registered and verified my registeration and my account aswell after I sent my documents to the security department.

    I got the confirmation by e-mail that I could start withdrawing. I was happy. but I ignored that the nightmare was about to start.

    I got all of my withdrawl demands denied by an error message.’denied by operator. Payment processing error'

    I contacted the support of 22bet by e-mail and on plateforme for them to tell me my bank was the issue. That made me laugh because I was surprised of the answer. I called my bank and advisor and they told me 22bet never tried to transfer my funds or contacted them. They checked theire data and nothing.

    I filed a complaint on AskGamblers but never got an answer. I contacted Casino Guru and I’m in touch with Kristina and I’m waiting for a response and for my case to evolve.

    I sent over 43 e-mails explaining the situation. I sent all info they needed. They lied saying they enabled SEPA for le to withdraw. They asked me to do very ridiculous things and abused me: waste of time, stress, and trust abuse.

    They just respond with copy and paste non-sense. I deposited 300€ and ly balance now shows 304€ because I won bets and lost some too.

    I engaged all of my deposits on bets.

    I keep getting responses saying I should create an e-wallet and bet on 1.1 odds in order to withdraw but allost every costumers in my case that tried this got a very knlw error message from 22 bet saying „Unable to withdraw funds. You need to withdraw with same method than deposit. Withdraw in proportion of your deposits”

    I’m seeking for all kind of help. I’m in a dead end. I will fight and never give up because that amount of money is a lot for me and my family and it is my belongings.

    I have all proof of mails and screenshots on my phone.

    I can use all kind of help and I promise I will give 50€ to the person that can get me out of this by experience or through mediator.

    I’m confident Guru can help me as they are working on ut but i’m afraid of the case 22bet steals my money for ever

    Have a wonderful day and may god bless you all.

    22bet mobile

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